How It Works?

Engage & Optimize Patient Outcomes with Accurate AI Remote Monitoring

  • AI Metric for Depression, Anxiety, ADHD and Stress
  • Customize Your Own Clinic's Patient App
  • Send Questionnaires Directly to the App
  • Increase Patient Adherence
  • Improve In-Session Dialogue
  • Early Identification of Comorbidities
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Why Clinics Use Behavidence Care

Improve in-session dialogue

Scientifically validate scores enhance patient self awareness and highlights mental health dynamics between sessions
Less than 1 minute

Increase patient adherence

Over 90% show rate with increased mental health awareness through your own clinic's patient app
Less than 1 minute

Send Standardized Questionnaires

Increase response rate to quesitonnaires like PHQ9, GAD7 & ASRS in a naturalistic environment, allowing greater objectivity
Less than 1 minute

Optimize and Measure Mental Health with Ease

Remotely Monitor Patient Mental Health on a Daily Basis

Our digital phenotyping models are trained and scientifically tested with clinical diagnosis and standardized questionnaires. User friendly dashboard will allow for secure 'always-on' patient monitoring

Remote Administrating and Monitoring System

Offers clinicians, employers, and scientists a powerful platform to send and analyze scientifically validated questionnaires to their respective audiences and validate the scores on a regular basis

Unbiased & Completely Passive With 0% Respondent Burden

The user does not need to interact with the app in order for it to work. Passive collection of anonymized user data is happening in the background to enable calculation of the daily mental health scores
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